X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Petrucci Replica Helmet ALL SIZES XT0253

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X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Petrucci Replica Helmet ALL SIZES XT0253


Nolangroup chose the 10th round of the Superbike World Championship to present speed lovers with another version of the new X-lite X-803 ULTRA CARBON racing helmet (with high carbon content)

Lateral Visibility - The X-803 has improved in terms of lateral visibility offering improved riding comfort and increased active safety.

Nolan Emergency Release System - This allows emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while it is still being wor

Pinlock® Fog Resistant inner visor with silicone border.

Double Action Device allowing the visor lock (to prevent accidental visor opening at high speeds)

Single-Piece Cheek Pads - The internal padding have been designed to provide superior pressure and consistent performance over time.

Breath Deflector

Racing Air Flow (RAF) Ventilation System - Upper Air Intakes, Front Air Intakes, Chin Guard Intakes  and Rear Extractor.

"Carbon Fitting Racing Experience" - Inner Comfort Padding with innovative net Construction is completely removable and washable.

Adjustable Stability Device (ASD)

Wearability - The chin guard has been slightly elongated.

Sizes XS-XXL

DOT in US - ECE 22.05 in EU