Neken R00026C-BKY RADICAL DESIGN Oversize Handlebars Black/Yellow Pad

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Neken R00026C-BKY RADICAL DESIGN Aluminum Oversize Handlebars - 85 Low - Factory Replica with Black/Yellow Pad

85 LOW Color of Handlebar: Black R00026C-BKY   Handlebar conical design, factory Replica, pad black/yellow 754 102


Handle Bar Size: 7/8in., Color: Black, 7010 T-6 aluminum aerospace quality. Oversize bar made with a variable diameter and a variable thickness. 28,6 mm (1-1/8in.) diameter in the clamping area. 22 mm (7/8in.) diameter at the control ends. 40% lighter and stronger than a classic bar. Laser etched to aid in handlebar centering and indexing. Knurled clutch side for better grip retention. Bar pad included. Width(mm): 754. Height(mm) A: 102. Sweep(mm) A: 70. Height(mm) B: 75. Sweep(mm) B: 50