LEOVINCE 8427 Factory R EVO II Exhaust System Kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2015

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LEOVINCE 8427 Factory R EVO II Exhaust System Kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2015

The full Corsa Factory R Racing systems of the LeoVince SBK range are the result of the experience acquired through years of world class racing.

The result is a truly top class product in terms of material, finish and performance.

The header pipes are made of titanium, welded in a controlled atmosphere.

The full titanium silencer are the result of a development that redefines the Factory line through an accurate design study that combines style, finish and performance.
In appearance, all that remains of the previous series are the upper and lower flattened zones of the silencer.

The casing has now been developed as a truncated cone and comes in different lengths, according to the model where it is to be mounted.

The front section is equipped with an aerodynamic inlet having dual spring attachments to improve anchorage to the pipework.

The new rear carbon tailcone has a dual asymmetric cut, outwards and downwards, that determines the right and left version, giving the motorbike an extra customising effect.

The silencer is attached to the frame by a carbon fiber strap with a rubber anti-vibration gasket and a carbon fiber bracket.

The silencer external casing can be in titanium or carbon fiber.

The format of both the header pipes and silencer is tailored according to the specific engine model in order to boost the torque and maximum power rating.

The full Corsa Factory R Racing systems respect the noise limits dB(A) required by the FIM.